Introducing The Cashflow & Profit Improvement Meeting.

Are you…

  • Working too hard and feeling like you’re not making enough money?
  • Wondering why your Profit and Loss says you’re making money but there’s no cash in your bank account?
  • Feeling like you work harder than everyone else on your team?
  • Not paying yourself (because there’s not enough left after paying your team)?
  • Losing sleep over something else going on in your business?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any (or all) of those questions, then our Cashflow and Profit Improvement Meeting is definitely for you.

What is it and how will it help me? 

Our Cashflow and Profit Improvement Meeting is a 60 minute personalised meeting where we will input your actual business numbers and results into our Cashflow and Profit Improvement calculator.  Then we’ll show you how minor tweaks to the key levers in your business can significantly improve your cashflow and profitability.

You’ll walk away with strategies you can implement in your business right now that will improve cashflow and increase your profitability.


We took a business that turns over $1m a year and has 6 full time staff.

We were able to show this business owner how we can improve their profit by $127,000 a year, and put an additional $105,000 cash in their bank account just by implementing 4 strategies identified by our Cashflow and Profit Improvement calculator.

What is involved?

During your 60 minute meeting, we will:

  • Calculate how many days it takes your company to convert your investments in inventory and other resources into cash in your bank account (your cash conversion cycle).
  • Review your current margins and profitability.
  • Identify strategies you can implement to improve your cashflow and profitability.
  • Use our calculators to demonstrate the impact these strategies can have on your cash position and profitability.
  • Identify actions you can take to implement these strategies and achieve your improvement target.

Following the meeting, we’ll send you a PDF of our calculations along with minutes documenting your next steps.

Book your Cashflow and Profit Improvement Meeting now.

The investment for your 60-minute Cashflow & Profit Improvement Meeting is just $595 + GST.  It’s a no-brainer!

To book, contact our team now on 09 869 2356 or email us at [email protected].

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