New Tax Thresholds in 2024 Budget

By |2024-06-10T10:39:53+12:00June 19th, 2024|Cash and Cashflow, General, News, Tax|

The New Zealand government has unveiled its 2024 Budget with a core election promise delivered regarding tax relief of $2.57b through bracket adjustments. With an adjustment to income brackets, tax rates remain the same but the thresholds are raised. The Budget stated that 1.9 million households would benefit from the

A brief overview of director duties

By |2024-01-18T16:26:28+13:00January 18th, 2024|General, News|

Directors of a company have key duties, roles and responsibilities they must carry out. While Directors set the goals of the company, provide leadership and supervision to management, and report to the shareholders, there are also other legislated duties in the Companies Act 1993 that apply to directors. It is critical that directors are

How to switch to the new Xero BNZ bank feed

By |2023-07-14T17:16:13+12:00July 2nd, 2023|Business Advice, General, News, Technology|

BNZ is changing the way its bank feeds into Xero work, making setup simpler and improving access to transaction data. To ensure your bank feed continues to work, you will need to reconnect your BNZ bank feeds to Xero by 14 August 2023. How to switch to the new Xero

Welcome to Pathfinder Solutions

By |2022-06-18T12:27:11+12:00December 9th, 2021|Business Advice, Cash and Cashflow, Change Management, General, Marketing, News, Strategy, Uncategorized|

At Pathfinder Solutions, we are more than Chartered Accountants. We have a genuine interest in helping others succeed and our clients come to us primarily for advice and expertise beyond accounting, because they want something different to what they currently have. Telling you how much tax you need to pay isn’t enough. That’s so

Kenina Court receives CAANZ honour

By |2022-07-05T14:24:08+12:00July 26th, 2019|General, News|

We were privileged to celebrate Kenina Court last night at the CAANZ Annual Fellowship Awards Dinner as she was awarded the FCA (Fellowship of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand). This is a huge honour and has been described by Liz Hickey, Life Member and former president of CAANZ, as rewarding those who

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