At Pathfinder Solutions, we are more than Chartered Accountants.

We have a genuine interest in helping others succeed and our clients come to us primarily for advice and expertise beyond accounting, because they want something different to what they currently have. Telling you how much tax you need to pay isn’t enough. That’s so last year!

Pathfinder Solutions is about looking into the future, beyond the numbers and how we can put you in a better place than where you currently are. With our real-world experience, we provide you with practical, actionable information and insights beyond just the numbers to enable you to make smart decisions on achieving your financial, business and personal goals.

Sure, we’re Chartered Accountants but the best solutions come from focusing on more than just the numbers. Our real-world experience delivers just that.

In this blog, we will bring you tips, information and discussion points that go beyond tax and accounting, focusing on areas that will help you with your business and investment activity, and ultimately achieve your wealth and freedom goals.

So much more than accounting and tax

Our clients are:

  • Property Investors and Investors

  • Business Owners, Directors and Shareholders

  • Franchisors and Franchisees

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