One of the top ways that Business Owners can free up time is to delegate effectively.

Delegation doesn’t mean abdicating responsibility. Abdication looks like this:

  1. Issuing the task to anyone and forgetting about it
  2. Giving unclear or too little information
  3. Not asking if you were understood
  4. Not setting time-frames
  5. Not setting clear expectations, or moving the goal posts
  6. Not supporting and reviewing when the task is completed

Abdication can result in distrust and lack of respect, little communication, low productivity, low profit and disgruntled clients.

So, what are the rules of effective delegation?

Effective delegation looks like this:

  1. Assess the task, issue to the right person and support them
  2. Be specific and crystal clear with your communications
  3. Request they repeat back instructions in their own words, so you know you were clear in your explanation and were understood
  4. Set a time frame and request clarification that the task has been achieved
  5. Make sure you are both clear on the task and have the same expectations as to the outcome
  6. Both parties to review on completion of the task (and look for improvements for next time).

Effective delegation helps to build trust and respect, improve communication, and raise productivity and profitability.  It can also result in a happier workplace and happier clients.

Start delegating now!

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