Looking to scale your business?

You’ll need to work more on it and less in it. Outsourcing marketing, design, CFO (chief financial officer), bookkeeping and payroll can leave you free to focus on your core activities and strengths.

Growing a successful, sustainable business involves spending more time working on it than in it. Finding ways to leverage your time is critical, and outsourcing your least favourite tasks, which probably aren’t your greatest strengths, is an ideal approach.

These are the Top 5 elements you should consider outsourcing:

1. Digital marketing
From your content strategy to your social media accounts, if this is not your strength, outsource it! Social media can be a minefield in its own right, trying to keep up with trends and platforms. There are many freelancers who have multiple clients at this level, who’ll likely be more knowledgeable regarding SEO and much more effective and efficient in general.
2. Graphic design
Your brand is a key reflection of your product offering. It should be distinctive, and you should love it! If you don’t have the skill, software and time to create this well, you will almost certainly damage your brand.
3. Payroll
This task is best left to the professionals. Outsourcing payroll will minimise the risk of inadvertently getting it wrong, saving you time and, most likely, reducing the cost of this task. Payroll software could be a great option, especially if you have shift or seasonal workers.
4. Bookkeeping.
Do bookkeeping tasks often infiltrate your evenings or weekends? Is this causing stress and impacting your life outside of work? Getting these tasks off your plate and into the hands of a bookkeeper can be liberating and cost-effective.
5. Virtual CFO
If you find budgeting and forecasting a struggle, a virtual CFO can wear this important hat for you. They’ll monitor the financial health of your business and provide a fresh perspective to help you make better strategic decisions and improve your results.

Which of these essential business elements would you like to outsource? Which would save you the most time, energy and stress? In the first instance, Pathfinder Solutions can help by taking the last three roles off your hands! We work with a number of our clients in this way, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

Experience proves that, while outsourcing takes a little bit of setting up, it’s worth the short-lived pain for massive gain. We don’t have to be jacks of all trades. In fact, this thinking often leads to begrudgingly doing many things poorly rather than doing a few things really well – and enjoying doing them.

Work to your strengths; outsource the rest!

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